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Fluorocarbon Hook Links

Avid Outline Fluoro 50m Avid Outline Fluoro 50m
4 in stock
Avid Outline Fluoro 50m Robust super tough and strong Fluorocarbon with a high knot strength. Two-Tone tint for maximum camouflage. Fantastic sinking qualities. Contours perfectly on the lakebed. Perfect for Leaders and Hooklinks. High abrasion and low stretch. 30lbs (13.63kgs) and 40lbs (18.18kgs) breaking strains available. - 50m spools.
Avid Outline Fluoro-Soft 20m Avid Outline Fluoro-Soft 20m
5 in stock
Avid Outline Fluoro-Soft 20m Super Soft and Supple Fluorocarbon. Two-Tone tint for maximum camouflage. Perfect for D-Rigs and Combi rigs. 20m spool. 15lbs (6.81 kgs) 20lbs (9.09kgs) and 25lb (11.36kgs) breaking strains available.
ESP Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon 20m ESP Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon 20m
23 in stock
ESP Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon 20m Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon is softer than the original and can be straightened out straight off the spool without the aid of steam. This improved fluorocarbon replaces the original version of Soft Ghost. So what is different about it? Well, it’s still 100% fluorocarbon but a couple of key attributes set it apart from its predecessor. Firstly it is even softer. It behav…
ESP Stiff Rig Filament 20m ESP Stiff Rig Filament 20m
10 in stock
ESP Stiff Rig Filament 20m The original dedicated stiff hook link material, launched in 1999 and still going strong! The Stiff Rig relies on a rigid hooklink to stand the bait off a fixed distance from the lead. The rigidity of the rig improves the effectiveness of the bolt rig system and provides a more efficient self-hooking mechanism. ESP Stiff Rig Bristle Filament is a low visibility, clear, f…
Korda BOOM 7.5 Korda BOOM 7.5" Loop x 3
3 in stock
Korda BOOM 7.5" Loop x 3 Combi rigs can be complicated to tie, but these ready-tied Booms Loop hook links take all of the time and effort out of it, especially when combined with our Loops hook sections. They are constructed from 25lb Boom, with a small crimped loop at one end, which your braided hook section should be attached to – loop-to-loop is the easiest way of doing this, and our Loops are…
Korda Boom Fluorocarbon 15m Korda Boom Fluorocarbon 15m
5 in stock
Korda Boom Fluorocarbon 15m As the name suggests, the main function of this hook link material is to create stiff booms, for rigs such as spinner, hinged stiff, and combi set ups. This fluorocarbon has a green tint to it, to help it blend in with the lakebed even more so than a clear one would do, but the biggest advantage is that it can be crimped– our two different sizes of Krimps are the perfec…
Korda IQ2 Soft Fluorocarbon Hooklink 20m Korda IQ2 Soft Fluorocarbon Hooklink 20m
7 in stock
Korda IQ2 Soft Fluorocarbon Hooklink 20m This is a softer version of original IQ fluorocarbon hook link material and is great all-round rig material. It still has enough stiffness to be used as a boom material, but is supple enough that it allows movement so that rigs such as the IQ D-rig can work effectively. As long as it is tied correctly it retains good knot strength (we recommend a Grinner or…
Nash Fluorolink 20m Nash Fluorolink 20m
£9.99 - £13.99
18 in stock
Nash Fluorolink 20m Heavyweight, extra fast sinking high performance and superior quality pure Fluorocarbon for hooklinks, leaders and boom sections. Ultra supple, extreme abrasion resistance and low memory for superior knotting. 15lb Fluorolink 0.40mm 20lb Fluorolink 0.45mm 25lb Fluorolink 0.50mm 35lb Fluorolink 0.60mm 20 metres per spool.


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