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Zig Rigs

Avid Zig Box Avid Zig Box
2 in stock
Avid Zig Box The ultimate Zig Rig storage solution. This compact box is supplied with eight Zig spools that will each hold at least two made up Zigs The spools feature sliders that allow you to conveniently store Zig Rigs of all lengths. With the popularity of Zig Rigs growing at a rate of knots, we wanted to make things easier for anglers that are starting to use them. Zigs can be quite time cons…
Avid Ziglites Black/Green 10mm Avid Ziglites Black/Green 10mm
5 in stock
Avid Ziglites Black/Green 10mm Are you fed of whittling down pop-ups and pieces of foam for your zig rig hook baits? Well, you don't have to anymore because Avid Carp has created the ultimate zig rig hook bait. Made from an ultra buoyant material and a highly visual colour compound they are the perfect product for a multitude of fishing set-ups. Available in barrel shapes and round two-tone variet…
Fox Edges Zig & Floater Fox Edges Zig & Floater
7 in stock
EDGES™ Zig & Floater Hooks Designed specifically for use on Zig and surface rigs. Also suited to bottom bait stiff rig presentation. Needle-sharp straight point. Slightly outturned eye for use with monofilament hooklinks. Non-reflective dark coating. Super-strong yet lightweight XC80 Vanadium forged steel construction. Finer wire gage compared to other Edges hooks due to the delicate presentations…
Fox Edges Zig Aligna HD Foam Fox Edges Zig Aligna HD Foam
8 in stock
Fox Edges Zig Aligna HD Foam Insert your foam into the loop on the back of the Aligna and trim it to your preferred size to create the ultimate hookbait. The loop grips the foam extremely tightly meaning it will not come off even on the biggest of casts. The red and yellow options allow you to create hi-viz hookbaits when single hookbait fishing or spodding a slop over the top – especially effecti…
Fox Edges Zig Aligna Loading Tools Orange x2 Fox Edges Zig Aligna Loading Tools Orange x2
7 in stock
Fox Edges Zig Aligna Loading Tools Orange x2 Following the incredible success of the Zig Aligna’s since their launch we have been inundated with requests to sell the special little loading tool separately and also to make it a brighter colour. We have therefore made the tool bright Fox orange and put two in a packet to be sold separate to the Aligna’s and Foam themselves. EDGES™
Fox Edges Zig Aligna Sleeves Fox Edges Zig Aligna Sleeves
13 in stock
Fox Edges Zig Aligna Sleeves X8 These innovative new range of EDGES™  Zig Aligna’s are set to change the way that anglers fish with Zig Rigs forever. Based on our Line Aligna Adaptor, which was developed for pop-up and bottom bait fishing, the new Zig Aligna is constructed from a softer, more buoyant plastic and features a unique moulded loop on the back. By using the loading tool supplied in the…
Fox Zig Rig Storage System Fox Zig Rig Storage System
1 in stock
Fox Zig Rig Storage System Zig rig storage solution complete with 20 pins. Removable foam disks x5. Each disk stores 3 zig rigs in their individual grooves. Large diameter disks to reduce line coil. 1 wrap around a foam disk is 1ft / 300mm for easy rig measurement. Complete with zipped neoprene storage case.
Nash Zig Float Nash Zig Float
£8.99 - £9.99
7 in stock
Nash Zig Float Nash Zig Floats are the simplest and most efficient way yet of exploring all depths of a swim for feeding carp. Shaped for accurate casting and maximum buoyancy, Zig Floats can be fed quickly up through the water column to pin point feeding carp. Tough rubber collars in black and high-viz orange allow zig hookbaits to be fed to the surface and seen clearly before the rig is adjusted…
Nash Zig Links Nash Zig Links
1 in stock
Nash Zig Links Testing has shown Zig Links to offer a valuable presentation edge when targeting wary carp caught repeatedly on traditional fixed line tethered zig hookbaits with limited movement. Tungsten impregnated Zig Links slide over swivels to double as an anti-tangle boom, dramatically reducing tangles with long links and overcome limitations of fixed long links and poor hooking mechanics. Z…


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