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Drennan Carp Bungee Drennan Carp Bungee
24 in stock
This highly vis­ible hollow core pole elastic has greater stretch than tra­di­tional solid latex. Bungee also works excep­tion­ally well with pull bungs and the Side Pull System. A free Dacron Connector is also included, plus clear instruc­tions on how to attach it. This helps to create a neat elastic-to rig con­nec­tion method. Aqua Bungee can also be used effect­ively with our small Bungee Conne…
Drennan Clip Beads Drennan Clip Beads
40 in stock
A simple clip bead that allows the quick change of leads or feeeders. A nice tip is to cover the metal clip with a small length of silicone to avoid pciking up and debry and keeping everyhting neat and tidy. Five per packet in green, clear and black.
Drennan Dacron Connectors Drennan Dacron Connectors
Out of stock
A light­weight altern­ative to the tra­di­tional, plastic elastic con­nector. These light­weight Dacron Connectors fea­ture a braided material that is coated to ensure it is kind to both your line and the elastic.  The material is also designed to be stiff enough to help push the main line away from the pole tip, which vastly reduces the chance of wrap-over tangles.   There are four in a pack; eac…
Drennan EVA Bait Bowls 7 Litre & 9 Litre Drennan EVA Bait Bowls 7 Litre & 9 Litre
Out of stock
The square design ensures they sit neatly on most side trays. The Small Bait Bowl has a 7-litre capacity. The Large Bait Bowl has a 9-litre capacity. The small bowl also fits neatly inside the larger model so they take up less space in your carryall. Semi-rigid waterproof EVA material Easy to wipe clean Rounded corners Welded seams Sold as a pair The Small Bowl fits inside the Large Bowl for trans…
Drennan Float Caps Mixed Drennan Float Caps Mixed
8 in stock
Drennan Mixed Float Caps, These mixed float caps from Drennan are ideal for top and bottom float fixing for Stick Floats, Avon Style Floats, Pole Float Bristles or standard Wagglers. Come in five different diameters and various colours. Each pack contains 5 diameters in various colours
Drennan Grippa Stop Drennan Grippa Stop
6 in stock
DRENNAN float stops. This float stop sits really well fixed on the line. Each pack contains 14 float stoppers
Drennan Latex Pellet Bands Drennan Latex Pellet Bands
44 in stock
Rubber band to fasten pellets made of natural latex which guarantees excellent extensibility. Can also be used for attaching your pellet directly into the hook.
Drennan Leger Stops Drennan Leger Stops
25 in stock
Drennan Leger Stop is small, neat and as popular as ever. Simply pass the line through the collar and push in the plug to trap the line in place. Leger Stops are made from a super soft plastic to ensure no line damage is caused. Available in two sizes: Mini and Standard
Drennan Maggibox Aqua Drennan Maggibox Aqua
10 in stock
Vented lids allow tubs to be stacked without suffocating live bait. Square format fits into bait waiters. Made from robust polymer which can be frozen without splitting. Available in 2.2 pint and 3.3 pint tubs. Maggiboxes are perfect with the standard Drennan Bait Waiter. Available in aqua colour.
Drennan Method Connectors Drennan Method Connectors
9 in stock
Drennan Method Feeder connectors, These quick change connectors are designed to go with the Drennan Flat Method Feeders. They provide an easy loop to loop slimline joint which slides back inside the body of the in-line feeder every time. The rubber sleeve semi locks into a central position for security and the internal moulding can hold up to 36lb (16kg) breaking strain so the connector can be use…
Drennan Natural Latex Pellet Bands Drennan Natural Latex Pellet Bands
40 in stock
Elastic Drennan Natural Latex Pellet bands. For pellets, very resistant and particularly elastic. About fifty elastics per bag. Three sizes available. Approx. 50 elastics per bag
Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher
5 in stock
Simple to use prong mechanism Produces a precise and secure bait every time No need for fiddling with bands and dropping bait
Drennan Polemaster Bungee Connectors Drennan Polemaster Bungee Connectors
19 in stock
The combination of a semi flexible bulbous bead and a tough nylon connector attachment provide the ideal set up for all diameters of Polemaster carp bungee and other tubular elastics.
Drennan Polemaster Carp Bungee Bush Drennan Polemaster Carp Bungee Bush
16 in stock
Drennan Carp Bungee Bush Carp Bungee Bush 4 sizes Small Medium Large & X Large These high quality PTFE pole bushes from Drennan are designed to match the four sizes of the Drennan Carp Bungee elastic. Details - Small - internal dia. 2.5mm Medium - internal dia. 3.0mm Large - internal dia. 3.5mm X large - internal dia. 4.0mm
Drennan Polemaster Elastic Connectors Drennan Polemaster Elastic Connectors
16 in stock
These pole elastic connectors from Drennan have a unique locking sleeve to ensure the rig cannot come off during fishing. The four sizes are supplied in different colours for instant identification. 2 connectors per pack. Recommended use Small - 4 to 8 elastic 0.09 to 0.12 rig line Medium - 8 to 14 elastic 0.1 to 0.16 rig line Carp - 14 to 20 elastic 0.15 to 0.25 rig line Small - Green   Medium -…
Drennan Polemaster Extra Fine Pole Float Tube Drennan Polemaster Extra Fine Pole Float Tube
4 in stock
Drennan Polemaster Extra Fine Pole Float Silicone Tube, Three extra fine diameters of silicone tube for pole floats with extra slim or fine wire stems. To avoid float slippage or bending of wire stems, three sections should be used. It can also be used under split shot to protect fine lines from shot damage. Internal Bore Sizes: Blue: 0.3mm, Brown 0.4mm, Green, 0.6mm.
Drennan Polemaster Hook ups & Depth Marker Bands Drennan Polemaster Hook ups & Depth Marker Bands
5 in stock
Drennan Hook Ups
Drennan Polemaster Pole Float Sight Sleeves Drennan Polemaster Pole Float Sight Sleeves
Out of stock
Drennan Pole Float Sight Sleeves allow a change of tip colour to your pole float without the need to change float. Bulks up the pole float tip for increased visibilty. Each pack contains 3 colours of sleeve. in 4 sizes.
Drennan Quick Chance Beads 6 Small Drennan Quick Chance Beads 6 Small
9 in stock
Drennan Quick Change Beads are precision made for a perfect fit. They enable you to change your hooklength instantly and also act as a shock bead when fishing a running leger or feeder. Quick Change Beads are precision made from high quality English tooling, so that the two components have a nice consistent fit. The outer bead is semi flexible and grips in place securely over the internal connecto…
Drennan Quick Change Beads 6 Mini Drennan Quick Change Beads 6 Mini
9 in stock
These brand new Drennan Quick Change Beads are precision made for a perfect interferen­ce fit. They enable you to change your hooklength instantly and also act as a shock bead when fishing a running feeder. Just thread your reel line through the rubber bead and tie to the extra strong internal connector. Attach the hooklength loop and slide the outer rubber bead down into position for a secure att…
Drennan Revolution Trangle Free Caty Drennan Revolution Trangle Free Caty
2 in stock
Sling Drennan with specially designed hooks to prevent rubber twisting and do not cause bendsing of any kind of rants/slings. Red Light is a slingshot for firing worms/pellets/grains at a distance of up to 16 m.
Drennan Safe Links Drennan Safe Links
Out of stock
Drennan Safe Links allow quick changes of weights and feeders. They are ideal for specialist, pike and carp rigs and also work well with a variety of beads.
Drennan Shorty Pellet Waggler Drennan Shorty Pellet Waggler
18 in stock
The compact design makes them an ideal choice for catching carp in the upper layers or casting across to island swims. These feature-packed floats are 11mm in diameter and come in 4g, 5g, 6g and 7g sizes. The highly visible tips are flighted to aid casting accuracy and available in a choice of red, orange or yellow. The position of the streamlined base weight also helps with arrow-straight casting…


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