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Sea Fishing Reels

Reels have to be thought of as one of the most important pieces of tackle that you can have. Up there with the rod itself, a high quality reel is going to make a huge difference in your success and enjoyment when you are fishing. Giving you great power, control and stability, these fishing reels are going to be your secret weapon when you are fishing in the sea. Giving you the ability to cast a great distance, as well as control the situation when you are going for a large and aggressive fish, these reels will give you all you need to thrive.

Shimano sea fishing reels

With these high quality sea fishing reels, they have been made in such a way that you won't have to worry about the salt water entering the mechanisms and corroding the parts. This is thanks to highly secure and protective designs. No salt, dirt or water will be getting into these reels and slowing them down. These Shimano sea reels have been designed in close consultation with professionals and so they take into account everything that a sea fisher would need.

Highly effective and reliable

We only have in stock equipment which we believe will stand up to the test each and every time you use it. Shimano is an award winning brand for good reason, and these Shimano sea reels are a testament to their passion and their expertise when it comes to the art of fishing. Not only are they extremely effective, but they are also surprisingly affordable. This all goes in line with our core principles at Big Catch Tackle - we want you to be able to get your hands on the very best equipment, and do so without having to spend over the odds.

Top quality sea reels

Choose from such models as the Shimano TLD-15 Triton Lever Drag Reel, the Speed Master 14000 XSC and the Surf Leader C14+ 35 SD. Whether you are interested in beach ledgering, surf casting, carp fishing or general bait fishing, you will have the reel here to take care of the engine room duties!

Shimano Speed Master 14000 XSC Shimano Speed Master 14000 XSC
3 in stock
The new 2019 Speedmaster 14000 XTC/XSC reel is the new version of the 2015 Speedcast XSB/XTB and it has been strongly updated in specs, features and appearance! This reel will be ideal to use for both surfcasting and carp fishing.
Shimano Surf Leader C14+ 35 SD Shimano Surf Leader C14+ 35 SD
1 in stock
The new 2018 Surf Leader Ci4+ reel is the new improved version of the 2014 Super Aero Surf Leader Ci4+, featuring X-Protect to prevent water, dirt or salt to reach the gears. This reel with its super shallow spool and slow 3,5:1 gear ratio is specifically developed for light surfcasting and beach ledgering. Free Spool Of Braid Worth £30
Shimano TLD-15 Triton Lever Drag Reel Shimano TLD-15 Triton Lever Drag Reel
1 in stock
This is our favourite model ofthe TLD range. It's the smallest but can still take 300 yards of 50lb braid and be used for wreck fishing. Due to it's size it can also be used for Tope fishing and general bait fishing. The iconic Shimano lever drag multiplier reel used all around the world in both fresh and saltwater. Wherever you fish in the world, you will find Shimano TLD reels being used by angl…


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