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Tools, Scissors and Disgorgers

Drennan Bait Drill Drennan Bait Drill
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Drennan Bait Drill This 1.3mm diameter bait drill is ideal for making neat holes in a variety of hard or semi-hard baits like pellets, nuts and boilies. By simply rotating the round handle between the fingers a clean, round hole can be formed. Features: 1.3mm diameter drill Perfect for boilies and pellets
Drennan Bait Needle Drennan Bait Needle
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Drennan Bait Needle The Bait Needle has an ultra smooth crook head which does not damage or fray the hair loop. Its tapered shaft allows the hair loop to be slid down and opened prior to inserting the hair stop. Simply pierce the bait with the needle and attach the hair rig loop. Pull the rig back through the bait and insert a Hair Stop. Features: Ultra smooth crook head Tapered shaft
Drennan Braid & Mono Scissors Aqua Drennan Braid & Mono Scissors Aqua
5 in stock
Drennan DR Braid & Mono Scissors Aqua Braid & Mono Scissors have hardened stainless steel blades and are ideal for all monofilaments, fluorocarbons and braids. They have an efficient shearing action and comfortable soft touch finger grip handles. Fine serrations on the leading edge of one blade hold the line in position, prevent it from slipping and allow small cuts to be made with precision. Feat…
Drennan Disgorger Drennan Disgorger
39 in stock
Drennan Disgorger A disgorger helps to safely and efficiently unhook fish and is an essential item that every angler should carry.
Drennan Hook Tyer Drennan Hook Tyer
25 in stock
Drennan Hook Tyer The Hook Tyer enables you to tie spade end hooks with ease, right down to a size 26 if required. How to use the Hook Tyer: Hold the hook tyer in your left hand with the metal clamp facing upwards. Then place your hook, point upwards, into the tyer and press down on the metal clamp to lock the hook into place. Pass your line around the clamp. Ensure that the line is held tight at…
Drennan Pellet Band Puller Drennan Pellet Band Puller
3 in stock
Drennan Pellet Band Puller The Band Puller is a great aid for baiting up with a multitude of hair-rigged hook baits. The handy tool enables you to securely mount baits such as expander pellets, meat, sweetcorn and drilled boilies onto a hair-rigged latex band without ripping or damaging the band. To use, simply pierce a hook bait with the needle end of the Band Puller, then use the curved ‘crook’…
Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher
18 in stock
Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher The Pellet Band Stretcher is an extremely useful gadget that helps to make the process of baiting up with baits such as hard pellets and dumbell boilies easier. To use, simply insert the four pointed prongs inside a latex band and press the spring-loaded plunger mechanism to open them up. The prongs will then stretch the latex band wide enough for you to insert the ho…
Drennan Pushstop Pusher Drennan Pushstop Pusher
60 in stock
Drennan Pushstop Pusher The Drennan Push stop Pusher is designed to fit the Drennan Pushstops. Once incorporated onto a hair-rig, an individual Pushstops remains on the hair and should hold a variety of hook baits in position perfectly. The tapered point makes it quick and easy to drive through soft baits such as expanders, meat and sweetcorn. For harder baits, such as boilies and hard pellets, us…
Drennan Pushstop Pusher AB9001 Drennan Pushstop Pusher AB9001
20 in stock
Drennan Pushstop Pusher A quality tool for fitting push stops from Drennan.
Drennan Ultra Fine Bait Needle Drennan Ultra Fine Bait Needle
7 in stock
Drennan Ultra Fine Bait Needle The Ultra Fine Bait Needle has a really slim carbon steel shaft and sharp needle point. This minimises damage to large boilies and makes the tool ideal for all soft baits and mini boilies. Simply pierce the bait and attach the hair rig loop. Pull the loop back through the bait and insert a Hair Stop. Features: Really slim carbon steel shaft Sharp needle point
Guru Bait Drill Guru Bait Drill
1 in stock
Guru Bait Drill The Guru bait drill has been designed to make drilling hard baits, like pellets and tough boilies, child’s play. Rather than twisting the handle of the drill, the team designed a drill that allows the bait itself to be twisted onto the bit.
Guru Baiting Needle Guru Baiting Needle
4 in stock
Guru Baiting Needle The concealed barb and fine tapered point prevents damage to delicate baits, while the flared handle allows pressure to be applied easily.
Guru Pellet Cone (3 sizes per pack) Guru Pellet Cone (3 sizes per pack)
4 in stock
Guru Pellet Cone (3 sizes per pack) This pack includes three cones, plus a super-fine baiting needle. Guru Pellet Cones are the ultimate way to present a small, compact pile of feed around your hook bait. This tangle-free presentation is ideal for use with small softened feed pellets as well as groundbait.
Guru Pellet Pliers Guru Pellet Pliers
3 in stock
Guru Pellet Pliers Designed to make the fiddly process of banding your bait effortless, you simply place a bait band over the nibs at the end of the pliers and squeeze the easy-grip handles until the band is stretched wide enough to accept your chosen bait. Once in position, release the pressure from the handles to leave the band gripping the bait. Can be used with any size bait bands, 2mm-plus, a…
Guru Punch Box Guru Punch Box
9 in stock
Guru Punch Box The Punch Box perfect solution to the problem of keeping bread and meat baits fresh along with an effective way of punching out hook baits. Comes complete with four different sized punches - 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm
Guru QM1 Disgorger Guru QM1 Disgorger
5 in stock
Guru QM1 Disgorger We have two types of disgorger. The QM1 is the shorter version and has been designed for all-round work, with hook patterns like the effective QM1 in mind. The Conti is a longer disgorger, that has been designed for use when feeder fishing with longer hook links, where deeper hook holds might be encountered, especially with bream. Both patterns feature a specially designed head…
Guru Serrated Rig Scissors Guru Serrated Rig Scissors
6 in stock
Guru Serrated Rig Scissors Featuring fluorescent coloured handles making them easy to locate in your rig box. Stainless steel blades ensure they’ll stand the test for time.
20 in stock
Korum DISGORGER - SPECIMEN Unhooking made easy. A disgorger designed for the big fish angler. Features traditional disgorger tool at one end, and a modern metal loop design at the other when unhooking larger fish. Soft touch rubber finish.
Korum Baiting Needle Korum Baiting Needle
10 in stock
Korum Baiting Needle Designed for soft baits like meat, corn, paste and pellets. The ultra thin needle reduces bait damage and is perfect for using with Korum Bait Stops.
20 in stock
Korum DISGORGER - SPECIALIST Unhooking made easy. A disgorger designed for the big fish angler. Features traditional disgorger tool at one end, and a modern metal loop design at the other when unhooking larger fish. Soft touch rubber finish.
Korum Quickstop Needle Korum Quickstop Needle
55 in stock
Korum Quickstop Needle The Korum Quickstop Needle is designed to be used with Quickstops. You insert the needle directly into the Quickstop and then push it through the bait before removing to leave the Quickstop in place.
4 in stock
Korum SCISSORS These razor sharp Korum Scissors have been designed for cutting braid and mono line cleanly. They feature an easy grip handle and a serrated steel blade that slices through all lines cleanly. Comes with neat cover for safety.
15 in stock
Korum STARLIGHT HOLDER KIT 3mm The Korum Starlight Holder Kit offers visual bite detection at night on your rod tip. It can be fittedto the majority of rod tips thanks to the specially designed inner sleeve, which gives versatility and added grip for a wider range of tip diameters.


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