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Bait Clips

Breakaway BB Clips Breakaway BB Clips
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Breakaway BB Clips A two hook release system.  The BB clips allow two hooks to be clipped & released utilising the impact lead's proven reliability. The system provides in-flight stability & is ideally suited to wishbone & bomber type rigs.
Breakaway Imps Breakaway Imps
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Breakaway Imps Imps are supplied with the Fastlink as shown, this clip is suitable for most rigs. The Imp is a clever little devil, and thats just what it is, a small neat bait clip that fits into the fast link and can be added or removed from rigs during fishing. All Imps come with a Fast link as Well.
Breakaway Relay Clips Breakaway Relay Clips
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Breakaway Relay Clips Relay clips where the beginning of the modern cascade rigs as now used in most trace designs an original idea by Nigel Forrest, These are still used in large numbers by rig makers as intermeiate bait clips and as a cascade clips with an Impact shield or Lead as the master release. When used as a cascade type clip its better to cut off the spigot which is used with rubber to g…
Gemini Genie Big Bait Rig Clips (10) Gemini Genie Big Bait Rig Clips (10)
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Gemini Gemini Genie Big Bait Rig Clips (10) A unique take on the popular Gemini Genie Rig Clips, a quick and easy lead link that incorporates a bait clip. These neat little clips incorporate an extended bait clip, simple but ideal for those bigger hook baits to stay clipped down until the rig hits the water.
Gemini Genie SRT Pulley Clips (5pcs) Gemini Genie SRT Pulley Clips (5pcs)
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Gemini Genie SRT Pulley Clips (5pcs) Genie SRT Pulley Clips are ideal for rigs that require a clip down snood that is longer than the main body. Placed high on the rig, the snood feeds up and over the pulley clip and down again to the bait. Designed to ensure the line is released every time! Based on the Genie SRT Spring, this pulley clip holds the snood line in place under tension against the bai…
Gemini Juno Bait Clips (5pcs) Gemini Juno Bait Clips (5pcs)
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Gemini Gemini Juno Bait Clips (5pcs) We all love to clip our rigs down. Whether it be clipped up, clipped down, single or multiple snoods, a clipped down rig allows us to deliver hook baits at distance. The Gemini Juno Bait Clip can be used in numbers, anywhere, on the main rig body. Rather than simply clipping a hook bait down (which can often lead to hook baits releasing during or mid-cast), the…
Inova K-Nect Series Dyno Swivels Clip Size 7 27kg/60lb Qty 10 Inova K-Nect Series Dyno Swivels Clip Size 7 27kg/60lb Qty 10
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Inova K-Nect Series Dyno Swivels Clip Size 7 x10 The Dyno Swivel Clip is ideal for using on the body of rigs for clipping down multiple snoods for accurate casting. Releases hook on impact. Size: 7 – 27kg/60lb. 10 swivels in a pack.


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