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Bait Elastic

Inova BAIT RAPPER PRO with Bait Needles Inova BAIT RAPPER PRO with Bait Needles new
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Inova BAIT RAPPER PRO with Bait Needles INOVA BAIT RAPPER PRO Needle Dispenser Baiting Tool 2-IN-1 has a double baiting needle that can be pushed out from the dispenser, this allows a very convenient and simple way to load bait on the needles and wrap with elastic all in one tool and makes the baiting of the hooks a much simpler process. Retractable baiting needles for convenience and speed. Light…
Inova Elastic Refill Inova Elastic Refill
10 in stock
Inova Elastic Refill Replacement spools of elastic available: Orange – Light (0.1mm)– For delicate baits. Green – Medium (0.2mm)– For general baits. Blue – Heavy (0.4mm)– For big baits. Red – Ex-Heavy (0.7mm)- For whole baits.
Inova The Bait Binder 3 Elastic Inova The Bait Binder 3 Elastic
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Inova The Bait Binder with 3 Elastics The Bait Binder is a Hi Tech bait elastic system which helps you to create neat baits time after time. The ergonomically designed dispenser sits nicely in the hand and positions the elastic perfectly to allow you to wrap the bait desired. It also keeps the elastic dry and free from elastic rotting bait juices. The supplied lanyard allows you to keep the Bait B…
Tronix Baitex Bracket | One Size Tronix Baitex Bracket | One Size
1 in stock
Tronix Baitex Bracket | One Size The Tronixpro Baitex Bracket is designed to hold your Tronixpro Baitex Canister in a multitude of convenient places. It is made from stainless steel and features a long wing nutted bolt for the canister and two bolts for attaching to a surface. Tronixpro Baitex can be attached to items such as a tackle box, a bait waiter, bucket, bait tray and even your rod rest fo…
Tronix Baitex Tube | Baitex included 250m Tronix Baitex Tube | Baitex included 250m
12 in stock
Tronix Baitex Tube | Baitex included 250m A smaller, ergonomically shaped Baitex dispenser that comes with 250m of Baitex. Designed to fit in your hand easy while keeping the Baitex clean from bait juices and other dirt. The tube is clear so you can see how much Baitex is left on the spool. The cap of the tube helps to eliminate Baitex working its way back into the tube. You simply click open the…
Tronix Baitex | 500m Tronix Baitex | 500m
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Tronix Baitex | 500m A premium quality, bait wrapping material made from latex that is super stretchy and strong while being soft and fine. This helps to wrap up baits tight, conceal the bait wrap and means you use less too. This material is also perfect for snapping clean. With some traditional baiting elastics, it can take some real force to break the elastic, often degenerating bait presentatio…


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