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Breakaway Continental Impact Leads Breakaway Continental Impact Leads
£1.54 - £2.02
In stock
Breakaway Continental Impact Leads Continental Impact Leads. Continental style fishing has become very popular in the UK over the past few years especially during the summer months when the water is clear and calm,Not only has this been a productive development in the match scene it has also added enjoyment to our fishing utilising long light rods and light line.We had been asked many times to mak…
Breakaway Impact Flat Leads Breakaway Impact Flat Leads
£1.48 - £1.72
36 in stock
Breakaway Impact Flat Leads Flattie leads are a plain non wired lead designed to fish over mud flats ect in slow tides for Flounders and fish that may be tempted by a slow moving bait. The lead settles on the mud rather than dissapearing into it like most plain leads do.It will hug the bottom and move slowly in the tide searching out the fish. Will plane to the surface on the retrieve. with The Pa…
Breakaway Impact Leads Breakaway Impact Leads
£2.00 - £2.25
In stock
Breakaway Impact Leads The ultimate range of leads for todays match anglers. The aerodynamic design of the Impact lead helps put your bait out to the maximum distance and the wire formation keeps you there, where the fish are. This range of leads all use the Impact cone to release the baited hook from the integral bait clip on impact with the water. The advantage of this method is that you know wh…
Breakaway Luminous Impact Leads Breakaway Luminous Impact Leads
£1.98 - £2.05
20 in stock
Breakaway Luminous Impact Leads Another bright idea from Breakaway, Glow in the dark Impact leads, In countries were clear water is fished after dark, anglers believe that having luminous products on there traces encourage the fish to follow the light down to the seabed,This was proved to the England Team when they fished the world champs in 2011. we had been asked to produce these leads for this…
Gemini System 100+ Breakout Sinker Gemini System 100+ Breakout Sinker
£1.60 - £2.25
In stock
Gemini System 100+ Breakout Sinker Gemini System 100+ Sinkers have been specifically designed for use in UK waters. A modular system that allows the business end of each sinker to be interchangeable. Giving anglers the flexibility to easily adapt the sinker to suit the conditions being fished. These sinkers come ready to use, incorporating the well regarded Gemini Breakout Heads, offering maximum…
Gemini System 100+ Fixed Grip Sinkers Gemini System 100+ Fixed Grip Sinkers
£1.80 - £2.30
49 in stock
Gemini System 100+ Fixed Grip Sinkers Made from 1.2mm sprung marine grade stainless steel wire, these are ideal for pier and boat fishing. They grip hard and on retrieval will spring out from their anchorage. The fixed grip wires give the maximum amount of grip because of the distance of the grip wire from the mass of the sinker, and are not recommended for casting. They are therefore mainly used…
Gemini System 100+ Splashdown Sinker Gemini System 100+ Splashdown Sinker
40 in stock
Geminin System 100+ Splash Down Sinker This is a system that allows anglers to not only clip, but lock their baited hook directly behind the sinker, releasing automatically on impact with the water. The Splash Down is excellent for off the ground casting. It locks the baited hook directly behind the sinker, vastly improving bait presentation and eradicating those frustrating moments when your hook…
Tronix Bait Capsule Tronix Bait Capsule
3 in stock
Tronix Bait Capsule The perfect way to cast big baits in a streamlined way! The Bait Capsule features a long tube with a grip lead build into it, larger baits can be placed in the tube and cast out, it’s just like casting a plain lead. When the Bait Capsule hits the water surface, water is forced through small holes in the head of the Capsule which fills the chamber and ejects the bait. Not only i…
Tronix Cannonball Tronix Cannonball
£1.55 - £3.99
20 in stock
Tronix Cannonball
Tronix Pear Lead Swivel Tronix Pear Lead Swivel
10 in stock
Tronix Pear Lead Swivel


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