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Tools and Accessories

Berkley Berkley Line Stripper Berkley Berkley Line Stripper
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Berkley Berkley Line Stripper The new and improved Berkley® Line Stripper boasts a more powerful motor to quickly remove old fishing line for re-spooling. Strips 2lb-80lb line with ease. Powerful motor strips line up to 300 yards per minute. Grinding stone to sharpen hooks. Includes Lanyard. Requires 2 AA batteries.
Berkley Digital Fish Scale - 50 LB Berkley Digital Fish Scale - 50 LB
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Berkley Digital Fish Scale - 50 LB With the Berkley® Digital Fish Scale angles can get precise measurements quickly and can store weight in memory. The Auto-Save function automatically stores weight into memory. Water resistant construction with ergonomic body design for comfort while weighing fish. Stores and averages up to 10 weights in memory with auto-save function. Display in lbs/oz or kg.
Breakaway Cam Lock Breakaway Cam Lock
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Breakaway Cam Lock Fits to your seat box and will stop your lid opening accidentally and losing its contents. This handy yet essential item to keep your lid closed, does come in the accessory kit , but can be purchased separately.
Breakaway Casting Cannon (Fixed Spools) Breakaway Casting Cannon (Fixed Spools)
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Breakaway Casting Cannon (Fixed Spools) For accuracy and distance the most important element of your cast is holding down the line until the power stroke is complete. Its not easy and can be very painful without some mechanical device. The most popular is the Breakaway Cannon an original concept of Mr Alfred Priestleys. The Cannon is mounted under the rod in line with the rings and as near to dire…
Breakaway Coasters Breakaway Coasters
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Breakaway Coasters Tough lightweight coasters for surf rods.
Breakaway Comfy Coasters Red Breakaway Comfy Coasters Red
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Breakaway Comfy Coasters Metalite comfy coasters. Easy to use Very strong and durable Achieve perfect, non-slip hold Now available 4 sizes ( 25 mm 27mm, 30mm, 33mm) and in 4 colours (Black, Red, Blue Yellow).
Breakaway Saddle Clamp Breakaway Saddle Clamp
£9.99 - £10.20
10 in stock
Breakaway Saddle Clamp The most advanced coaster available, The contoured body gives more room and protection for your fingers and stability to the reel. When using over shrink tube butts put some whopper dropper catapult elastic over the reel foot this makes for a really solid grip a section of the rubber can be used as a grip to hold down reel during casting.
Cox & Rawle Rig Glue Cox & Rawle Rig Glue
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Cox & Rawle Rig Glue High viscosity rig glue. The Cox & Rawle Rig Glue is nylon friendly so perfect for spotting on your leader knots for extra security, and also for mending lures. Pack Size: 1
Daiwa CRIMPING PLIERS 5.5 inch / 140mm Daiwa CRIMPING PLIERS 5.5 inch / 140mm
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Daiwa CRIMPING PLIERS 5.5 inch / 140mm Premium crimping pliers with two sections for differently sized crimps. The five pressure points at the jaws guarantee an optimal crimping and prevent damaging of the steel wire at the crimp edge. The end of both handles are marked with self-luminous material to facilitate finding the pliers in the dark.
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Daiwa MATCH MEASURE 1m A full size match measure ideal for larger bass, cod, dogfish, small smoothhounds and rays etc in shore competion fishing. High quality plastic shatter-proof, light weight and easy to read in dark conditions.
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Gemini Genie Baiting Needle (1pc) Gemini Genie Baiting Needle (1pc)
£2.20 - £2.55
38 in stock
Gemini Genie Baiting Needle (1pc) Gemini Genie Baiting Needles are made from hardened marine grade stainless steel. Each Genie Baiting Needle incorporates a deep holed, flush stainless steel ferule, where your hook point will locate into, the other end of the Genie Baiting Needle has a rounded design (this is the end your baiting is threaded onto) that is less inclined to pierce through the sides…
Gemini Genie Disgorger GLOW (1pc) Gemini Genie Disgorger GLOW (1pc)
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Gemini Genie Disgorger (1pc) Being able to remove a hook quickly and safely from a fish is a necessary skill, much admired by anglers when expertly executed. With a Gemini T-Bar Disgorger and a little practice, you should be able to de-hook in a few seconds with minimal trauma to the fish. A must have in all tackle boxes!
Inova Bait Scissors Inova Bait Scissors
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INOVA Bait Scissors Micro serrated blades. Power notch. Razor sharp. Non slip TPR handles. Weight: 79g. Size: 14.5cm x 7.5cm.
Inova Anglers Towel Inova Anglers Towel
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AKIOS Anglers Towel Wipe your hands with this cool AKIOS-INOVA edition Anglers Towel. The microfiber weave dries quickly and with the two-sided pattern with contrasting AKIOS-INOVA logos, will look sharp on any rod stand. The Anglers Towel Features: Microfiber Waffle-Weave Construction. Two-Sided Pattern with AKIOS-INOVA logo`s. Size: 40 x 30cm. Comes with Carabiner Clip.
Inova Bait Needle/Tool Twin Pack Inova Bait Needle/Tool Twin Pack
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INOVA Bait Needle/Tool Twin Pack INOVA Baiting Needles come in a twin pack with two variations of needles for different sized baits with stainless steel needles in a new ergonomic finger grip handle making it very easy to load baits and present baits in a secure way and work great utilising the Bait binder for secure fixing of the bait to your hooks. Features 2 x Needles per pack. 8cm long needles…
Inova Match-Card Score Kit Inova Match-Card Score Kit new
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Inova Match-Card Score Kit The INOVA Match / Score Card Kit is a clever idea to keep your catch details neatly and safely in a waterproof wallet when out in the elements. The Black Nylon folder comes with a clear lift-up window allowing to record catch details even when raining, the kit comprises a folder, clipboard and INOVA branded pen in a clip. Keeps your scorecard dry as you write your fish i…
Penn Line Strripper Max FT18 Penn Line Strripper Max FT18
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Berkley Line Stripper Max FT18 Use the Berkley® Line Stripper Max with any standard power drill to easily and quickly remove line from fishing reels. Removes large amounts of line at once. Drill attachment for quick and easy removal of line. Integrated clutch.
Penn Reel Grease 2oz Tub Penn Reel Grease 2oz Tub
12 in stock
Penn Reel Grease 2oz Tub Using a proprietary technology and formula acquired in 2011, PENN oil, grease and cleaner are built to lubricate and prevent corrosion in saltwater environments. Available in a 2 oz tub.
Prologic AVENGER DIGITAL SCALE 110lb 50kg Prologic AVENGER DIGITAL SCALE 110lb 50kg new
5 in stock
Prologic AVENGER DIGITAL SCALE 110lb 50kg When you land a huge, old warrior of a carp, you want to be able to get a quick and accurate measurement of its weight, and that’s where the new Prologic Avenger digital scale comes in. Featuring two large and foldable handlebars, the scale shows weights on a bright, illuminated LCD screen in your choice of pounds or kilos. These scales are packed with sma…
Prologic SPECIMEN DIAL SCALE 60lbs/2oz 27kg/100g Prologic SPECIMEN DIAL SCALE 60lbs/2oz 27kg/100g new
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Prologic SPECIMEN DIAL SCALE 60lbs/2oz 27kg/100g When you catch a memorable fish, getting a quick and accurate weight measurement is essential, which is why we have designed these easy-to-read, large-faced Specimen Carp scales. Made to last, these scales have robust bodies and lenses and feature large stainless steel weigh and hang hooks. The face features a negative vision display with black back…
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Rapala ANGLERS HEAVY DUTY SPLIT RING PLIERS 16cm Offset tool design makes fast work of changing out split rings and hooks. Large, spring loaded handle makes one-handed operation easy.
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Rapala BRAID SCISSOR Traditional scissors just don’t cut it when you are using superlines. These excel at cutting and trimming micro super lines, as well as all other traditional fishing lines. Super lines are tough on a pair of scissors, dulling the blades in record time. This pair features German stainless steel blades with premium titanium coating that extends life up to 15X longer than other m…


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